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Helix Clutches have been manufacturing High Performance Road, Race and Rally clutches since 1992. We offer a very comprehensive range of organic and cerametalic paddle clutches for road and track use. With more power from your engine and better grip from your tyres there has never been more need for up rating the clutch kit in your car. Pressure Plate / Cover Plate Our Pressure plates retain the original manufactures mounting holes so can be use with the original flywheel. The Clutch cover plates are uprated in Clamp load and mechanical strength by manufacturing a stronger diaphragm spring and using high quality SG iron for the pressure plate and strengthened steel for the drive straps. In most cases we can retain a similar release load by repositioning the fulcrum point on the back of the pressure plate; this means the pedal effort is similar to a standard clutch. Organic Drive Plate – Stage 1 Our organic drive plates are manly suited to for road use. However due to the high quality friction material they can be used for some track use. Along with the high quality friction material these plates have a steel backing to help resist burst loads and stronger cush drive spring to improve take up forces. Cerametalic Paddle Plate – Stage 2 We offer a range of 3, 4, 5 and 6 paddle plates depending on diameter and application. Within this range we offer the option of either rigid or spring to suit any race/rally application. The paddle plate is best suited of track use but can be use for road when the torque out put has been increased beyond the capability of the organic plate.
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